Todd has his say

Last updated : 03 May 2007 By
Todd was sacked with City just above the relegation zone and is saddened to see them fail to survive but has some harsh words for the fans who turned against him.

Talking to the Telegraph & Argus Todd said: "To those supporters who wanted me out, they have had it shoved down their throats.

"You have to question why the decision was made but I still feel a minority of supporters were getting restless. It was not all of them but a minority who were getting at the chairman and they have that power.

"Maybe he made the decision to make the change on the grounds that one or two more might start coming back if I left. Whether it was right or wrong is not really for me to say.

"But I feel sad for Julian. He is a wonderful man who has done remarkably well to keep the club going and I've got nothing but admiration for him.

"He has tried to take the club in the right direction without a lot of support."

Todd added: "There was enough time for a new manager to work the oracle and enough games remaining but it was always going to be a tall order for David Wetherall.

"Whatever people might think, you can't just walk into the manager's job and wave a magic wand, which is what was expected of David."