City travel to blustery Blundell Park

The last minute equaliser for Luton against the Mariners the other night may prove to be an important goal in our season, believe it or not. Surely that moment when Grimsby saw their 3 points snatched away will have knocked the stuffing out of a side who are looking to turn the corner having been taken over by Newell, a manager who I believe has enough about him to lift any sides spirits.

City now travel to Grimsby to take on a side who are getting over the pain of a last minute equaliser rather than a team who are riding on the crest of a wave that a victory under a new manager tends to bring.

We are now enetering the stage of the season where the cement mix of league 2 is beginning to thicken and teams are scrambling for their rightful places whilst the cement is still wet.

So what of our 'rightful place'. Many may disagree but our ability to polish teams off who are likely to finish in the bottom half is a priority. I believe its this ruthlessness that will make or break are season rather than the so called '6 pointers' such as the one we face on Tuesday night against Bury. If we can consistently beat the lower half sides, it should be enough to edge us into the automatic spots, regardless of how we perform against our rivals at the top.

So far we havent done too badly with this, and its worth remembering that a lot of our dropped points have come at sides who may be there or there abouts come the end of the season.

And so, on to Grimsby a side whose form has been abysmal this season. You wonder how much effect Newell will have on this side, but you expect there will be a marked improvement. He's just the kind of character I can see marching into the job with a lot of optimism and then marching out of the next month with a manager of the month award. I just hope he hasn't had time to work his magic yet.

As for our own manager, he has some decisions to make at the back. I'm intrigued to get a look at Tom Clark who bares he pressure of the 'better than what we've already got' tag. TJ Moncur could lose his place to Arnison who was part of the side in the more impressive early weeks of this season. O'Brien deserves to keep his place.

With the new manager factor this is a tough one to predict. Colbeck and daley will always provide a threat and I fancy our chances. I think the doom and glom has been a little overdone over the last few weeks, and 3 points tonight is not out of the question. Again, a lot rests on the shoulders of daley, and Colbeck. I think they'll do the business.