Barry buries Bury!

So with all the neat passages of play that City eventually managed to string together in some promising spells, we had to rely on Barry's conk to claim the three points. It wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing goal ever witnessed but then thats the nature of the beast, and as long as he comes of the bench to give us that extra bit of muscle when needed then thats fine by all of us.

In many ways this was City's best display this season. It wasn't exciting but I actually commend City for the way they kept the ball in parts and the way in which the two banks of four got in shape whenever Bury won possession. We looked solid. It was also the best defensive display of the season. Little got passed Furman who charged around like roadrunner on speed, crashing into challenges and covering every cell of every blade of grass on the field. Moncur put in his best display yet, as did Lee who is a quality defender. I dont mean to knock Matt Clark who has his assets but its amazing what one composed and effective centre back like Tom Clark can do to the confidence of his back line. O'Brien needs a bit of fine tuning but once he sorts his distrubution out, and learns when to play it short and when to find the channels he will be playing at a higher level.

Boulding put in a good display and I was amazed to hear some disgruntled members of Sunwin block D bemoaning his lack of contribution. He tried hard and always looked to make intelligent runs. The only question marks of the night fell on Daley, Thorne, Mclaren and to a certain extent Nicky Law.  Law looks handy but I'd still prefer to see a winger playing on the wing instead of coming inside. That is only a minor criticism on an otherwise decent display. Daley needs to stop ploughing the furrow that starts at the halfway line and then hits a 90 degree angle along the edge of the box before being dispossessed in the D. Mclaren needs to step up as well. He had a decent second half but the first half saw him off the pace a little and dare I say it a little reluctant to get involved. His second half was much improved and saw him given the chance to look calm and pick some decent passes with Furman doing the leg work.

So well done to City, who got the points against a Bury side who will be there or there abouts come the end of the season. Its heartening to see us looking solid at the back and I feel that we still have goals to come from Furman, Law, Mclaren and the like.

A win against Barnet will put the early October wobbles well and truly behind us. Normally on recent seasons form we would be clinging on to mid table by now but it seems we have ridden the storm, although I wouldn't want to tempt fate. As long as Barry can keep doing the ugly stuff when he comes of the bench we have enough in our armory to keep the challenge going.