Accrington Stanley! Who are they!?

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable that we would be facing a team such as Stanley whose only claim to fame thus far was there use as a comedy reference in an 80's milk advert.

It became dramatically less unthinkable this time last year when they trounced us at home. Not only a humbling experience but probably the most demoralising iv suffered as a City fan in 18 years of following them.

Stanley have been poor this season and their results indicate that if we cant turn them over tomorrow were in for another frustrating season struggling to break into the top 10 nevermind the play offs. You may think I'm being hasty but the performances rather than the results that have been the most worrying over the last few games that have seen us struggle.

Daley is a big loss tomorow, and I feel that without two wide men on the field we really suffer. It will be vital for Arnison and O'Brien (if he's included) to support Nix and Colbeck. Nix will also need to resist the temptation of coming inside and congesting the middle. If we were playing for a point this wouldnt be an issue but with a need for 3 points tomorrow we need outlets on both flanks working effectively. Daley is a huge loss for tomorrow and I hope Nix is up to the task. Thats assuming that McCall persists with Nix ahead of Topp.

In many ways this is our biggest game so far this season. We lose tomorrow and you suspect some severe doubts will begin to creep in. The results at home to Rochdale and Exeter, and away at Vale, will seem like a lifetime ago. If we win it will be business as usual, although a convincing win would be nice. Lets hope the Bantams can get back to winning ways against one of the leagues weaker teams. If not you really feel that the milk may begin to turn sour.